Blue Carnauba Paste Wax - 20oz.
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The undisputed heavy-weight champion of paste waxes has just gotten better! Blue Carnauba has been the benchmark of excellence throughout the professional car care industry for decades! And now, this entirely new incarnation leaps forward into the future, with extraordinary advancements! Secret ingredients and our exclusive innovations in micronization manufacturing techniques have elevated our Blue Carnauba Paste Wax beyond the reach of other hard cake paste waxes.

Blue Carnauba is a favorite of car washes and detailers for its ease-of-use and outstanding results. It is a gentle cleaner-wax that is fool-proof and flawless in function and finish. Easy-on/easy-off and dust-free, Blue Carnauba takes the work out of getting the deepest, glossiest, most durable, long-lasting shine possible! The cleaning agents help to safely remove built-up road grime and smooth away fine scratches. Secret ingredients are combined with the 100% pure Brazilian carnauba wax to produce flawless results and the best overall wax experience. Perfect for all paint finishes.

This is the same great wax as the Blue Carnauba in the smaller-sized black can, only in a larger size. The only difference is that this is a giant-size, so there is more to love!


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  • Manufacturer: BKB Automotive Cosmetics, Inc.

Blue Carnauba Paste Wax - 20oz.

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